For a small part of the summer I’m taking some recovery English classes. And they are proving helpful. And that’s just by doing apex(online class).


Summer Break(part 1)

During the passing I did many things. The first I did over the summer was rpg coding. It was hard at first but it got easier and easier. I started with average game plays  but then began to make my own . I would get more things for the program for my own game. For example it’s been clothes,hair,facial expressions and etc. So far my game has been a success in programming and graphics. However I had to stop coding for a bit because I found out that I had summer school for my English class. I was a few points off from the grade needed to pass and now I have to do a class because I need the credit  and this “wasn’t going to be easy.” Is what I thought.rpg-maker-mv-wallpaper-sample


During my time in school We have been learning old and new ways for the regents and finals. For example I relearned Factoring in Math class. To me it was great because I did struggle on some points of it.

Greetings to all


Hello, My name is Heaven I am a female who looks beyond and seeks more. A person who wants all the knowledge in the world. And my goal is to achieve more for myself so that it can benefit my future generation.

Work experience:Sears- Hardlines Associate-MCA

From: 11/11/16-12/27/1

Goals: Highschool

  • Now – Get at least 70’s-90’s in each class
  • Now – Study everyday and prep for final exam
  • Now – Find employment/work
  • Now – Pass finals and regents(all)
  • Find a college that is suitable for career choice
  • Graduate

Goals: 6 month break

  • Save up money for college
  • Visit colleges and then pick at least 2 of the best ones
  • Revisit those two again with a list of your requirements(check down the list)
  • Apply to the college with all your requirements and pass it
  • Wait for results on your application


  • (if excepted)Wait for spring semester
  • Made a daily schedule to follow while in college
  • Pass all classes and tests with A’s and B’s
  • Get degree for the following
    • School Illustration
    • Architecture
    • Prosthetic make up
  • Then take finals for college and graduate in about 6-8 years
  • Raise money up to do something after graduation


  • Travel across the world, the following below
    • England
      • London
    • France
      • Paris
    • Italy
      • Venice
    • Sweden
      • Gothenburg
    • Germany
      • Berlin
    • Russia
      • Moscow
    • China
      • Xi’an
    • Mongolia
      • Ulaanbaatar
    • Japan
      • Hokkaido
      • Tokyo
      • Kyoto
  • After build my own Japanese like temple houses for my family, have them all across the country. Here’s a picture of my design: